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 Akatsuki Reception

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Academy-Ninja of the forum

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PostSubject: Akatsuki Reception   Mon May 05, 2008 2:27 am

I figure our "secret missions" can be given out in this topic. We don't have a leader yet, so I figured I could function as the one to give out missions as of now. Except, with only 3 members, there's not much to do... SO it's sorta hard to explain the concept.
But what do you think, Sasori-kun? X3

On that behalf, Julius, it'd be awesome if you'd make it so only people in the group "Akatsuki" can read it (other than mods I mean)
Actually that'd be a good idea for the viallges too. If they ever plan on starting wars or something. Otherwise it'd spoil the surprise.
And come to think of it, where would S-nins like Zabuza go when they aren't supposed to be in their former villages?

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Akatsuki Reception
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